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Mapping the Population, Careers, Mobilities and Impacts of Advanced Research Degree Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities (POCARIM)

This proposal is made in direct response to the call for submissions under Supporting Measures 8.8.3. It responds to the call for studies to increase our understanding of the career paths and employment patterns and contribution of doctoral graduates in the social sciences and

humanities. The study focuses on three Objectives:

Objective 1: Identification of the dimensions of the population and its core characteristics and assess trends in their employment

Objective 2: Identify the diversity of post-doctoral career paths in the SSH field.


Climate KIC - Pioneers into Practice (2011)

The Pioneers into Practice programme is included as an activity in the Climate-KIC Business Plan 2011 as part of the Entrepreneurship pillar. It aims to change the day to day practices of professionals with current responsibilities in business, government and research. The narrow

specialisation of these roles is unsuited to the demands of systemic innovation. Sector specific managers need to become boundary-crossing low carbon entrepreneurs.



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