Diversity in knowledge transfer: a network theory approach

Triple Helix VII. 7th biennial International Conference on University, Industry & Government Linkages. 17-19 Junio 2009
In recent years, considerable attention has been paid to the effectiveness of knowledge transfer processes between academia and industry. Although there is growing evidence that the characteristics of individual researchers are important when explaining cases of successful transfer, few studies have taken the individual researcher as their unit of analysis. This study aims to use social network theory techniques to gain a better insight into knowledge transfer processes. In particular, we study how the characteristics of ties among individuals, and the interdisciplinary and pervasiveness of research affects the diversity of knowledge transfer activities. To this end, we conduct an empirical study among researchers in the field of nanotechnology. This sector is chosen for its interdisciplinarity and its expected pervasiveness. Data was collected using a survey conducted in Spain and in The Netherlands, allowing us to correct for some environmental and context effects.
Glasgow, Reino Unido