The Education Journals and its relationship with Other Scientific Disciplines

INTED2018 Conference
Scientific journals define the research front of any academic discipline. The abundance and level of scientific publications is an indicator of the capacity, trajectory and scientific quality of a country, thematic area or research group. Currently, the prestige of a magazine is often given by its degree of visibility. The degree of international visibility is an important indicator on the quality of a journal that is increasingly considered by the agencies for the evaluation of scientific merits. In this study we study the Education journals collected in the JCR database and the connection that this discipline maintains with other scientific areas. The results show that there is a progressive increase in the number of Education journals indexed in the JCR, which are edited mainly by commercial publishers and in English. The journals are published by 24 different countries, being the United Kingdom and the United States, the countries that stand out for having a greater number of journals, followed by the Netherlands and Spain, which are also the countries that stand out for being the ones with the largest number of education journals located in privileged locations (quartiles 1 and 2). Finally, the behaviour presented by the Education journals is analysed, describing the relationships established with other disciplines, using social network analysis techniques, which confirm the current interdisciplinarity of the education journals.
Julia Haba-Osca, Francisco González-Sala, Julia Osca-Lluch