Building a Methodology and Community of Practice for Catalyzing Transformative Change through System Innovation (MOTION)

2019 to 2021

This project will develop and test an innovative methodology to produce a framework to support capacity building and technical assistance related services (monitoring, evaluation, learning) for regions and cities facing the challenge of catalyzing system change toward a low carbon economy and society. It will bring together, in a co-creation process, the work of EIT Climate-KIC partners and the members and associates of the globally operating Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC). Non-traditional partners from civil society will also be included. The project will allow EIT Climate-KIC stakeholders and decision makers to obtain practice-based knowledge for designing new interventions on the ground and redefine strategic directions and governance options for catalyzing systemic change through innovation.

The project is geared towards supporting and connecting place-based initiatives. It will test the methodology across three Climate-KIC Geographies (DACH, Benelux and Mediterranean), while learning, communication and dissemination will include all geographies including Central and Eastern Europe, and through TIPC also globally. The aim is to build a community of practice with skills to implement the methodology across EIT Climate-KIC and TIPC.

The methodology will be centred around 1) the articulation and definition of “transformative outcomes” and corresponding indicators, and 2) the integration of these outcomes into a formative evaluation approach focused on monitoring and learning for place based innovation initiatives in cities, and regions, and nation-states.

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