Environmental Asset Valuation Method using Amuvam: Application to the Assessment of the Natural Park of Ebro River Delta

Nowadays there is widespread consensus that the environment provides social and public welfare, though the market is not able to value the benefits that these areas bring to society. One of the basic parameters to demonstrate the importance of natural goods and resources is to calculate their monetary value. A common approach to valuate environmental goods and services is the multicriteria method AMUVAM (Analytic Multicriteria Valuation Method), based on the Analytic Hierarchy Method (AHP) and the Discount Cash Flow (DCF) method. AMUVAM analyzes the preferences of a group of experts who identify the variables that add value to the natural resources and assets to be valued. The experts assign priorities to the variables in order to obtain a weight based on the value they bring to the asset. This is done through AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process). Finally the variables whose present income can be quantified are identified and used to estimate the monetary value of the asset. This paper presents the results obtained with this method in the valuation of the Natural Park of the Ebro River Delta located in Spain.
Nápoles, Italia