Cristian Matti presentará un paper en la Eu-SPRI Conference sobre energias renovables


Cristian Matti presentará en la Eu-SPRI 2012 conference titulada este año “Towards Transformative Governance? Responses to mission-oriented innovation policy paradigms”, que tendrá lugar el 12 y el 13 de Junio 2012 en Karlsruhe (Alemania), el siguiente trabajo:

Matti, C.; Martinez Novo, R.; Lopez Ferrer, M. (2012) “Tracking synergies between energy security of supply and the development of the wind energy industry in Spain: an approach from a multilevel policy analysis” .
The objective of this paper is to review critically the strategies for pursuing energy security of supply and for supporting renewable industry in Spain. We focus on a particular subset of strategies aimed at supporting the wind energy industry by focusing on government and industry response to the current multilevel framework on energy and environment.

Además, presentará despues el 21 y 22 de Junio 2012, en el Workshop "Re-Imagining Europe: Demand-Driven Innovation and Economic Policy" que tendrá lugar en Turín (Italia), el siguiente trabajo:

Matti, C.; Martinez Novo, R. (2012) Diverse perspectives on drivers and hampering factors for the creation of knowledge in organizations: an approach to the Spanish Innovation System.
The study looks to contribute to the identification of drivers and hampering factors from a different empirical approach and, by doing so, highlights the confronting perspectives of actors involved in innovation process in Spain. A set of rationales on the creation of knowledge is an expected output which can contribute to further research on the elements to be considered for the design and implementation of innovation policies.