Innovations in Early Music Festivals

De 23/06/2019 hasta 26/06/2019
15th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, AIMAC 2019
To identify and analyse the innovations implemented by early music festivals a questionnaire based on the innovation sites in creative industries identified by Miles and Green (2008) was designed, discussed with the Executive Board of Directors of the European Early Music Network (REMA), and then administered in an online survey that was answered by 45% of directors of early music festivals which were member of European Early Music Network. We have found that the European Early Music Festivals contribute to the implementation of clearly-differentiated Product, Production & pre-production, Communications and User experience innovations with respect to other types of music festivals previously studied. The results show that this kind of festivals are manly innovatives and specifically that many product innovations are based on musicology research as well as occurs in science-based enterprises.
Venice (Italy)
Elena Castro-Martínez;Albert Recasens;Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio