Tracking the performance of an R&D programme in the Biomedical Sciences

Robinson-Garcia, N., Cabezas-Clavijo, Á., Jiménez-Contreras, E.
Research Evaluation

This article aims at offering an evaluation framework of an R&D programme in the biomedical sciences. It showcases the Spanish Biomedical Research Networking Centres (CIBER) initiative as an example of the effect of research policy management on performance. For this, it focuses on three specific aspects: its role on the national research output in the biomedical sciences, its effect on promoting translational research through internal collaboration between research groups, and the perception of researchers on the programme as defined by their inclusion of their CIBER centres in the address field. Research output derived from this programme represents around 25% of the country’s publications in the biomedical fields. After analysing a 7-year period, the programme has enhanced collaborations between its members, but they do not seem to be sufficiently strong. 54.5% of the publications mentioned this programme in their address; however, an increase in the share of papers mention is observed 2 years after it was launched. We suggest that by finding the point at which the share of mentions stabilizes may be a good strategy to identify the complete fulfilment of these types of R&D policies.