Why do we organize PhD Days ?


The first experience of PhD days in INGENIO was motivated in the search of introducing opportunities for more horizontal interaction among PhD students and researchers which has a long practice in northern European countries. Then, the challenge was to face a bottom up approach to design and organize the event by highlighting the proactive capacity of PhD students and pushing a team to explore the development and use of management and communication skills. At the end, I think we have contributed to create a more professional and independent perspective on research and collaboration that has become an essential tool for our careers

Cristian Matti, one of the forefathers of PhD INGENIO Days


PhD Days at Ingenio started in 2013 as a initiative of two PhD students, Cristian Matti and Mabel Sánchez. We are proud of this initiative and we want to contribute to developing the training and skills of PhD candidates. Our goal is to create a nice working and learning environment where we can share both our research experiences and knowledge.


Current PhD students at INGENIO


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