Exploring relationships between societal engaging activities and research: evidences from a Spanish Public Research Organization

18/06/2014 to 20/06/2014
EU-SPRI 2014. Science and innovation policy: Dynamics, Challenges, Responsibility and Practice
In this study, the portfolio of activities undertaken by researchers encompasses four scientific activities: academic research (hereafter publications), KTE and dissemination, and we differentiate between individual dissemination and institutional dissemination. The aim of the paper is to analyse to what extent researchers from different fields are engaged in these four scientific activities and to explore what are the relationships between them and its determinants. In so doing, we address the following research questions: a) Do the patterns of engagement of researchers in diverse scientific activities differ across fields?; b) What are the relationships between these scientific activities? Are they complementary, substitute or independent?; c) What are the factors underlying the engagement in the different activities? and; d) What are the managerial and policy implications that can be derived from the study?
Manchester, UK
Olmos-Peñuela, J.; Castro-Martínez, E.; Fernandez-Esquinas, M., Amara, N.