Herramientas para la Toma de Decisiones Aplicadas a la Evaluación de los Planes de Acción Local del Proyecto Europeo Rurener

XV Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos
The RURENER Project, nelwork of rural communities for energetic neutrality, is promoted and co-financed by the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme on behalf of the European Commission and it lasts for three years (2009-2011). Its main objective is involve rural communities in the design of energy policies in order to achieve energetic neutrality and promotion of an innovative development that encourage public and private investment in renewable energy sources and rational use of energy in rural areas, giving methodological and technical support and establishing a nelwork that facilitates the exchange of experiences, resources and tools. To determine the effectiveness of local energy policy is necessary to assess its impact on energy saving, energetic neutrality and sustainable development of each community. This paper shows the application of AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method as a tool for assessing the impacts caused by the Local Action Plans of the communities participating in the RURENER project and in order to prioritize these actions according to their efficiency.
Huesca, España
Paneque-de la Torre,Á.;Martínez-Almela,J.;Aragonés-Beltrán,P.;Garcia-Melón,M.