Cristian Matti participates in the SHAREGUNE seminar at Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness


Cristian Matti presented the following work at the SHAREGUNE seminar organized by Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness:

The Spanish wind energy rise. Pathways of knowledge creation within a multilevel environmental governance system.
This research will analyze the long term pathways of knowledge creation within and across within a multilevel environmental governance system. Emphasis will be put in the strategies for pursuing energy security of supply and for supporting renewable industry in Spain by considering areas of technology development and environmental policy through networks articulation. The study will focus on mechanism for knowledge creation as part of government and industry response to the current multilevel framework on energy and environment. In doing so, this research seek to identify the major contributors to the emergent knowledge base, be they individuals, research organizations, governmental agencies or firms. Finally, it will analyze the existence of differences performance among Spanish regions. The research will be conducted by applying triangulation methods based in case study research. Analysis of these data will be conducted by network analysis, content analysis and statistical procedures. The research seeks to contribute to get a better understanding of processes of adaptation and integration of polices (emanating from higher hierarchical levels) to local context as a strategic response to face new challenges and opportunities.

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