T2S [Technology Transfer Society] Annual Conference | Valencia 17-19 October 2018


The main themes of the Conference will revolve around the evolution and dynamics of technology transfer. Submissions featuring longitudinal and historical studies, ideally using mixed-methods research and/or wave data, are particularly encouraged. Submissions based on other methods are also welcome. Suggested topics include (but are not restricted to) the following research areas:

  • The temporal connection between different types of technology transfer mechanisms: are different technology transfer channels used consecutively, and if so, how is this sequence actually working? Some studies cluster technology transfer channels according to whether they are used in combination with others. However, we do not know much about whether these channels are used simultaneously or sequentially; or whether the same piece of knowledge is transmitted (and maybe modified) through different channels.
  • The relation between technology transfer and the business cycle: while there are analyses of technology transfer over time, there is not yet much reflection on whether evolving macroeconomic and institutional conditions affect technology transfer dynamics; does technology transfer grow or decline with the business cycle?; what impacts do crises have?
  • The changing facets of individual-level characteristics and technology transfer: do individual characteristics change because of engagement in technology transfer? We have learnt much about the influence of personal characteristics, including attitudes and motivations, on technology transfer. However, the impact engagement in technology transfer has on personal characteristics remains relatively unexplored. Do people change after engagement in technology transfer activities?


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