Organizational culture perception and knowledge management in Research and Development groups: A case study of a Spanish university (Poster)

11th European Congress of Psychology. 07-10 Julio 2009
Objectives: Describe the organizacional culture and the knowledge flow in Research and development groups. Methods Administration of the Organizational culture inventory (OCI), a Spanish adaptation of Denison Organizational Culture Survey, and a Knowledge flow surrey (TAI). Analysis: Descriptive statistics among other techniques (SPSS15) Sample=399 subjects from 39 groups. Results OCI: High puntuations in ?Achievement? , ?Self-Actualization?, ?Humanistic-Helpful?, ?Affiliative?, ?Approval?, ?Conventional? and Oppositional?. DOCS: All scales shows middle-high values, however, ?Empowerment? sames to be the most important. TAI: Most of the scales shows middle-high values (except Transsmision). The most important are ?Shared Problem solving?, ?Implementing and Integrating? and ?Transference?. Conclusions In the R&D groups primary cultures are those within literature show to have a positive impact in Knowledge Management.
Oslo, Noruega