Dinámicas organizativas en los departamentos universitarios españoles: Diversidad estratégica y rigideces institucionales

Carolina Cañibano, Carmen Corona, Jordi Molas, Immaculada Vilardell
EKONOMIAZ. Revista vasca de Economía

This paper studies the differences in the organizational strategies of two prestigious Spanish university departments in the social sciences. This variety emerges in a context of strong institutional homogenization and regulation of the higher education sector. The study addresses two important elements of organizational dynamics in university departments: i) human resources strategies and ii) the management of economic resources. Despite the rigid national regulations, we observe differences in organizational strategies and cultures that derive from the choice of specific strategic objectives. These choices are reflected in the implementation of different staff recruitment and promotion policies, and of different ways to reward academic excellence. Strategic differences and choices also show in the different channels used by both departments to obtain and manage their economic resources.