Local Ecosystem Services and Cooperation as Economic Development Drivers for Inner Areas: Research Insights on Casentino and Valtiberina Valleys

Leonardo Rosini
Università degli Studi di Firenze
Friday, 5 July 2024 - 12:00

In this presentation I will show you my research work for Casentino-Valtiberina as one of the 72 Italian inner areas by focusing on its objectives, the preliminary results, and the motivation for choosing Valencia and INGENIO for my visiting period. In particular, I will describe the first paper that me and my supervisor Mario Biggeri are writing on community-based forest management as a tool for green path renewal for Casentino as an Italian inner area which is developing an eco-building enterprise cluster. Our qualitative research proves the importance of a contextual governance based on multistakeholder relations for favoring sustainability transitions in contexts with scarce propensity to innovate and to cooperate for development. This is not only valid for the valorization of local ecosystem services in their provisioning function but also in their recreative functions linked to ecotourism, sport and forest therapy.


Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación
Edificio 8E, Acceso J, Planta 4ª (Sala Descubre. Cubo Rojo)
Universitat Politècnica de València | Camino de Vera s/n

Short CV: 

Degree in Development Economics from the University of Florence (Italy), PhD Candidate in Local Systems Development from the University of Florence and visiting researcher at INGENIO. Since 2020, collaborates with an Italian NGO for the management of international cooperation projects and for conducting research in the field rural entrepreneurship, sustainable agri-food production chains and cooperativism. He is now specializing on Italian inner areas development issues, with focus on ecosystem services, community-based cooperativism and cultural heritage as drivers for the valorization of the local cultural landscapes.