Reimagining Urban Futures: Insights from Ukrainian Recovery Research

Oksana Udovyk
Thursday, 18 January 2024 - 12:00

After more than a year of research at INGENIO, I invite you to an immersive exploration of the trajectory of Ukrainian cities during and post-war reconstruction. This seminar unveils a multifaceted analysis merging: a) network mapping of ongoing initiatives and actors within Ukraine, b) perspectives on net-zero transformation, and c) visionary exploration by Ukrainian refugees.

The spotlight will be on the last one c) the visionary exploration by Ukrainian refugees. Leveraging participatory methodologies—from futuring exercises to photovoice and Lego-enabled work— this research comprehends the often marginalized perspectives essential to the discourse on reconstruction. Notably, these insights form part of an intriguing art exhibition developed with Ruth M-Domènech at the UPV Library, an unconventional yet effective means of presenting scientific findings and gathering additional participatory data. I encourage you to visit it until January 19th (

Join this scholarly exploration spanning inter- and trans-disciplinary spheres, dissecting urban transition, migration dynamics, and governance analysis shaping the future tapestry of Ukrainian cities.


Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación
Edificio 8E, Acceso J, Planta 4ª (Salón Descubre. Cubo Rojo)
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia | Camino de Vera s/n




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Short CV: 

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working with sustainability/innovations/design thinking/UX/nature-based solutions and education projects. Passionate Educator and Researcher with PhD in Environmental Studies from Sweden and eight years of teaching experience.

Oksana started as a biologist and has been working with environmental protection issues for many years.  However, she understood very quickly that it is not nature that needs to be studied but people if we want to ensure the wellbeing of our ecosystem. This is why she focussed her Masters on environmental economics and her PhD on sustainability policies and governance. Since then she has been working with various multidisciplinary sustainability projects in UN organisations, EU institutions, KPMG and Universities in Ukraine, Thailand, Italy, Portugal, China, Greece, Canada and Spain.

Oksana was part of the UN team engaged in the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals, acted as adviser during the creation of the KPMG Sustainability Department, directed several environmental documentaries, co-founded youth sustainability initiatives, and has taught future change makers in various universities.