The Spanish wind energy rise - Pathways of Knowledge Creation within a Multilevel Environmental Governance System

2015-03-06 00:00:00

The wind energy sector globally has had an outstanding growth during the last decade. The Spanish wind energy sector has emerged in a context of political change characterised by the entry of Spain into the European Union, a decentralization process which led to transference of competences and responsibilities to regions and, the gradual liberalization of energy markets. A policy mix combining energy, industry and innovation areas was delivered aimed to support market deployment and technology development, however, differences appear in the way each region face the challenge in term of the variety of regional setting and the creation of linkages among policy, industrial and technological areas within the multilevel environmental governance system.

Cristian Matti
Davide Consoli; Jordi Molas Gallart; Francesc Xavier Molina Morales
Department of Geography
Universitat de Valencia