Who's who in the Spanish archaeology business? A roadmap to understand relationships

2013 EU-SPRI Forum Conference. Management of Innovation Policies
The rising socioeconomic importance of the cultural sector and related businesses is explained by its increasing participation in employment and value creation (Florida, 2005), in addition to its intrinsic social value.Indicators regarding the cultural sector show that 1.7% of the total employed population in the European Union worked in these activities in 2009and more than half of the working population in the cultural sector has a university degree(European Commission, 2011). Thisdata characterizesa highly qualified sectorthat raises the interest of the scientific community. Recently, different studies have explained the strategic importance of the cultural sector, including how it creates knowledge, value and innovation (Potts, 2007; Lazzereti, 2003; Wilson and Stokes, 2005; Miles et al., 2008; Bakshi and Throsby, 2010).
Eva Parga-Dans; Elena Castro Martínez; Mabel Sánchez Barrioluengo