Strengthening applied research and innovation capacities in Latin-America through co-creation labs for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change

De 2020 hasta 2023

This project aims to form a consortium of Latin American and European universities in order to co-design processes of institutional change to support the emergence of territorial and urban social innovations that contribute to the adaptive capacity of the regions. The consortium will be complemented with the participation of Ashoka Foundation, an organization of 30 years of experience building action bridges among Universities and social and ecological challenges. The intention is to strengthen the efforts already made by different institutions in the social innovation applied research field and the climate change challenge. The proposal implies that Universities along with consortium partner have to work together to develop transformative proposals, thus generating an exchange that can promote more sustainable, resilient and harmonious development for and between communities and their ecosystems. The methodology for this will be to establish experimental “social laboratories” of applied research to experiment solutions to social and ecological issues. Those laboratories can take the form that each institution autonomously decides, but taking the experience of relevant social laboratories in Europe, such as the living lab of the University of Lorraine and the know-how of the European network of living labs. To a better understanding of the concept of "social laboratory", please review annex.

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