Contributions of a feminist perspective to the analysis of farm viability: the livelihoods reproduction framework

Judit Manuel, Marta G. Rivera, Feliu López-i-Gelats
Journal of Peasant Studies

The agrarian question dealing with peasants’reproduction inadverse global conditions is a topic of deep debate closely linkedto farm viability. Approaches that define viability in monetaryterms  cannot  explain  peasants’way  of  farming.  Holisticapproaches  can  better  analyse  this  question  but  existingframeworks leave aside aspects of reproduction. Here, we revisesustainable livelihoods and resilience frameworks through afeminist lens and propose livelihoods reproduction to addresssome blind spots. We do so through a literature review and acase study of olive oil farms in Spain. Our analysis highlights theimportance of household labour distribution for farm viability.