Shedding New Lights on Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities

Research on organisational learning, knowledge and capabilities has indeed become one of the most fruitful and interesting areas in the field of management, and has not only improved our understanding of organisations, but also helped them to face the new challenges of our turbulent age. Are our organizations learning to face a new age? What kinds of learning and knowledge are necessary to understand our age? What new lights can help us to understand organisational learning and knowledge? Are there shades? Shedding New Lights dispels uncertainties and provides a better observation and understanding of this particular phenomenon. This book includes an overview of the major topics on organisational learning, knowledge and capabilities. There are three parts: the first focuses on organisational learning, and particularly on practice and communities of practice. The second part deals with knowledge creation and transfer, two main knowledge management processes that are extremely relevant for firm performance. Finally, the third part examines the phenomenon of ambidexterity (explorative and exploitative learning) and the absorptive capacity of the firm.
Joaquín Alegre, Ricardo Chiva, Anabel Fernández-Mesa and José Luis Ferreras-Méndez (Eds.)
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United Kingdom
Cambridge Scholars Publishing