Revisiting the link between cooperative climate and knowledge sharing: the role of job autonomy and intrinsic motivation

DRUID Society Conference 2012
We explore the association between a cooperative climate in the organization and employees’ knowledge sharing behavior. Existing research demonstrates that employees tend to be more willing to both provide and acquire knowledge if their working climate has higher levels of cooperation. However, this work has not considered the contingent value of this link. We propose that the explanatory power of a cooperative climate in the decision to share may be strengthened if job autonomy and intrinsic motivation are taken into consideration. Those high in job autonomy tend to be more affected by a cooperative climate to share knowledge. Conversely, those high in intrinsic motivation will be less influenced by climate cues when deciding to share knowledge. Our research also suggests relevant implications for practitioners.
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Llopis, O., Foss, NJ.