Magnus Gulbrandsen

University of Oslo. Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture

Magnus Gulbrandsen holds a PhD in industrial economics and technology management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2000). He has worked as researcher/senior researcher and research director at the research institute NIFU, where he still has a 20% position. He has also been guest professor at the Copenhagen Business School (2002-03) and senior research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (2007-08).

Current projects include an investigation of large-scale and institutionalized forms of university-industry interaction, evaluation of the Norwegian SFF funding scheme, an OECD project on organizing research and innovation to meet global challenges, written article about the role of the University of Oslo in innovation 1970-2010 for the university history project.

Gulbrandsen is interested in how knowledge is produced and transferred to a setting where it comes into use, and also how this process is organized, managed and promoted in policy. His research topics have included the role of public research organizations in innovation, commercialization of research and university-industry relations, the nature and legitimacy of research institutes, internationalization of R&D and innovation, quality in science and the organization and funding of research work in different settings. Magnus Gulbrandsen is leader of the Innovation group at TIK. He is member of the editorial board of the policy journal Forskningspolitikk and on the editorial board of VEST Journal for science and technology studies.

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