Application of Cartography to the Display of Bibliometric Information

ICERI 2018: 11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
The recognition of the utility of the analysis of the publications for the study of the research and technological activity has carried out the bibliometrics to a great development in recent years. Its use has been generalized in scientifically more developed countries and bibliometric studies are much more required and used both by scientific activity evaluators as well as researchers. It should be noted that the contribution of some scientific disciplines, such as statistics, has been fundamental in the development of bibliometric studies. One of the specific objectives of the bibliometric studies is to use the elementary techniques of data collection, which come from scientific works, and to represent it graphically and numerically, in order to be able to analyse and form a judgement about it.
Sevilla, España
Julia Haba-Osca, Francisco González-Sala, Gaspar Mora-Navarro, Julia Osca-Lluch