Working Papers

  1.   Exploring resource seeking in a scientific collaboration network and its effect on scientists' knowledge creation
    Karine Revet, Isabel Maria Bodas-Freitas, Barthélemy Chollet, Pablo D'Este
  1.   The steady effect of knowledge co-creation with universities on business scientific impact throughout the economic cycle
    Ana María Gómez-Aguayo, Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Carlos Benito-Amat
  2.   Research impact seen from the user side
    Jordi Molas-Gallart, Richard Woolley
  1.   Características psicológicas del personal investigador español
    Azagra Caro, J. M., Planells Aleixandre, E., Izquierdo Sánchez, B., & Moreno Cabezudo, J. A.
  2.   Personality and affects: Researchers with emotional intelligence
    Laura Hernando-Jorge, Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Ana M. Tur Porcar
  3.   Academic artists' engagement and commercialisation
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Carlos Benito-Amat, Ester Planells-Aleixandre
  4.   From emotion to motivation: the role of social support for researchers
    Ana Tur-Porcar, Andrés Salas-Vallina, Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro
  1.   Research & Innovation in Spain 2016
    Ana Fernández-Zubieta, Irene Ramos-Vielba
  2.   From brawn to brains: manufacturing-KIBS interdependency
    Dioni Elche, Davide Consoli, Mabel Sánchez-Barrioluengo
  1.   ‘Shaken, but not stirred’: six decades defining social innovation
    Mónica Edwards-Schachter, Matthew L. Wallace
  2.   Who do you care about? Scientists’ personality traits and perceived beneficiary impact
    Óscar Llopis, Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro
  3.   The impact of one of the most highly cited university patents: formalisation and localization
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, David Barberá-Tomás, Mónica Edwards-Schachter
  4.   A Taxonomy of Multi-Industry Labour Force Skills
    Davide Consoli, Francesco Rentocchini
  1.   Agglomerations and firm performance: how does it work, who benefits and how much?
    Jose-Luis Hervas-Oliver, Francisca Sempere-Ripoll
  2.   Resolving tensions of research utilization: The value of a usability-based approach
    Paul Benneworth, Julia Olmos-Peñuela
  3.   Clusters and industrial districts: where is the literature going? Identifying emerging sub-fields of research
    Jose Luis Hervas Oliver, Gregorio Gonzalez and Pedro Caja
  4.   Explaining researchers’ readiness to incorporate external stimuli in their research agendas
    Julia Olmos Peñuela, Paul Benneworth, Elena Castro-Martínez
  5.   Acceso al conocimiento público universitario en España: patrones geográficos - Access to universities’ public knowledge in Spain: geographical patterns
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro
  6.   Examiner amendments to applications to the european patent office: Procedures, knowledge bases and country specificities
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro and Elena M. Tur
  7.   Access to universities’ public knowledge: Who’s more regionalist?
    Manuel Acosta, Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Daniel Coronado
  8.   SMEs and Barriers to Eco-Innovation in EU: A Diverse Palette of Greens
    Giovanni Marin, Alberto Marzucchi, Roberto Zoboli
  9.   Towards an alternative framework for the evaluation of translational research initiatives
    Jordi Molas-Gallart, Pablo D’Este, Óscar Llopis and Ismael Rafols
  10.   Connections Matter: How Personal Network Structure Influences Biomedical Scientists’ Engagement in Medical Innovation
    Oscar Llopis, Pablo D’Este
  11.   An analysis of the knowledge base of Scientific Research & Development Business Services
    Davide Consoli, Dioni Elche
  1.   The evolution toward vagueness of industrial district concept and its impact on regional innovation policy
    López-Estornell, M.; Tortajada Esparza, E.; Martinez-Chafer, l
  2.   Evolution of innovation policy in Emilia-Romagna and Valencia: Similar reality, similar results?
    Manuel López-Estornell, David Barberá-Tomás, Andrés García-Reche, Francisco Mas-Verdú
  3.   El efecto distrito en las empresas innovadoras. Un estudio de variables de conocimiento en la Región de Valencia en España
    Manuel López-Estornell, José-Vicente Tomás-Miquel, Manuel Expósito-Langa
  4.   Generation and diffusion of innovations in a District Innovation System: The case of ink-jet printing
    Reig-Otero, Y.; Edwards-Schachter, M.; Feliú-Mingarro, C. & Fernández De Lucio, I.
  5.   La innovación en patrimonio cultural: un espacio de confluencia de diversas bases de conocimiento
    Elena Castro-Martínez y Román Fernández-Baca Casares
  6.   The role of human capital in lowering barriers to engage in innovation: evidence from the Spanish innovation survey
    Pablo D'Este, Francesco Rentocchini, Jaider M. Vega Jurado
  7.   Regional innovation policy and innovative behaviours. A propensity score matching evaluation
    Davide Antonioli, Alberto Marzucchi, Sandro Montresor
  8.   Motives for inter-firm cooperation on R&D and innovation: empirical evidence from Argentine and Spain
    Edwards-Schachter, M.; Anlló, G.; Castro-Martínez, E.; Sánchez-Barrioluengo, M. & Fernández De Lucio, I.
  9.   Does academic consulting require any research? Examining the relationship between research funding and academic consulting
    Pablo D'Este, Francesco Rentocchini, Liney Manjarrés-Henríquez, Rosa Grimaldi
  10.   Knowledge systematisation and the development of a business function: the case of design
    Beatrice D’Ippolito, Marcela Miozzo, Davide Consoli
  11.   External knowledge sourcing and innovation performance: the role of managerial practices
    Ana García Granero, Jaider Vega-Jurado
  1.   Whatever works: uncertainty and technological hybrids in medical innovation
    David Barberá-Tomás, Davide Consoli
  2.   Measuring Personal Networks And Their Relationship With Scientific Production
    Africa Villanueva-Felez, Jordi Molas-Gallart, Alejandro Escribá Esteve
  3.   Science and Technology Studies: Exploring the Knowledge Base
    Ben R. Martin, Paul Nightingale and Alfredo Yegros-Yegros
  4.   Exchanging information through social links: The role of friendship, trust and reciprocity
    Africa Villanueva-Felez, Jordi Molas-Gallart
  5.   What type of innovative firms acquire knowledge intensive services and from which suppliers?
    José García-Quevedo, Francisco Mas-Verdú, Daniel Montolio
  6.   Forget R&D – pay my coach: young innovative companies and their relations with universities
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Francisco Mas-Verdú, Victor Martinez-Gomez
  7.   Not searching, but finding: Innovation as a non-linear source of the private use of public knowledge
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Rafael Pardo, Ruth Rama
  8.   The evolution of the knowledge base in professional service sectors
    Davide Consoli, Dioni Elche Hortelano
  9.   The effect of academic consulting on research performance: evidence from five Spanish universities
    Francesco Rentocchini, Liney Manjarrés-Henrìquez, Pablo D'Este, Rosa Grimaldi
  10.   Access to universities' public knowledge: Who's more nationalist?
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro
  11.   Understanding Knowledge Sharing In Organizations: Further Questions Of Research Through A Social Cognitive Perspective
    Oscar Llopis-Córcoles
  1.   Knowledge Transfer In Humanities And Social Science Research Groups:The Relevance Of Organizational Factors
    Julia Olmos-Peñuela; Elena Castro-Martínez; Liney Adriana Manjarrés-Henríquez
  2.   Cooperación en I+D e innovación entre empresas argentinas y españolas: una aproximación empírica
    Mónica Edwards Schachter, Guillermo Anlló, Elena Castro-Martínez, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  3.   Patterns and barriers for innovation and R&D cooperation between Argentine and Spanish firms
    Mónica Edwards; Elena Castro-Martínez; Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  4.   Knowledge transfer in the Social Sciences and the Humanities: informal links in a Public Research Organization
    Elena Castro-Martínez; Jordi Molas-Gallart; Julia Olmos-Peñuela
  5.   El 'Efecto-Distrito' En Las Empresas Innovadoras Valencianas: Desempeño Económico Y Creación De Conocimiento
    Manuel López Estornell
  6.   Ciencia e innovación: una relación compleja y evolutiva
    Ignacio Fernández- de- Lucio, Jaider Vega-Jurado, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia
  7.   El Sistema Español de Innovación
    Carolina Cañibano Sánchez, Elena Castro-Martínez
  8.   Interaction with universities and firm's innovative performance: evidence from the Spanish innovation survey
    Jaider Vega-Jurado, Liney Manjarrés-Henríquez, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  9.   Scientific mobility and development: toward a socioeconomic conceptual framework
    Richard Woolley, Carolina Cañibano
  10.   Patterns of organization in the development of medical know-how: the case of glaucoma research
    Davide Consoli, Ronnie Ramlogan
  11.   Smoothing the lies: Do patent examiners take notice if applicants include citations?
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Pauline Mattsson, François Perruchas
  12.   What do Spanish Engineering Students Think about Innovation and Entrepreneurship?
    Mónica Edwards, Marta Fernández-Diego, Fernando González-Ladrón-de-Guevara
  13.   Grid Networks for Computing Innovation ? Key Social Factors
    Paul Haynes
  14.   An analysis of the Graduate Labour Market in Finland: the impact of Spatial Agglomeration and Skill-Job Mismatches
    Davide Consoli, Francesco Vona, Toni Saarivirta
  15.   Networks are Useful Description, Assemblages are Powerful Explanations
    Paul Haynes
  1.   Variety in the Knowledge base of Business Service sectors
    Davide Consoli, Dioni Elche Hortelano
  2.   Innovations in Innovation: Developing a Coherent Discipline - examples from Social Entrepreneurship
    Paul Haynes
  3.   ¿Por qué crean spin-offs académicas los investigadores españoles?
    Silvia Teresa Morales-Gualdrón; Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia; Salvador Roig-Dobón
  4.   Las Relaciones Universidad- Empresa y su incidencia en la Producción Científica
    Liney Manjarrés-Henríquez, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia, Jaider Vega-Jurado, Andrés Carrión-García
  5.   La Cooperación con Agentes Científicos y su Incidencia sobre el Desempeño Innovador de la Empresa
    Jaider Vega-Jurado, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  6.   Achieving competence-based curriculum in Engineering Education in Spain
    Mónica Edwards, Luis M. Sánchez-Ruiz and Carlos Sánchez-Díaz
  7.   Del Conocimiento tácito y codificado al conocimiento locacional-traslacional: aplicación a los distritos industriales
    Manuel López Estornell
  8.   Before Going Any Further With Social Capital: Eight Key Criticisms to Address
    Paul Haynes
  9.   Research contracts and patents in the Spanish ceramic tile district innovation system
    Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan, Francesc Xavier Molina-Morales, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  1.   The Effects Of Knowledge Sourcing Strategies On Science-Based Firms Innovative Performance: Evidence From The Spanish Manufacturing Industry
    Antonio Gutierrez Gracia, Ignacio Fernández de Lucio, Jaider Manuel Vega Jurado
  2.   The entrepreneurial motivation in academia: a multidimensional construct
    Silvia Teresa Morales Gualdrón, Antonio Gutierrez Gracia
  3.   Medición del grado de alineación de los fines de una universidad con los resultados obtenidos en su relación con el entorno socio-económico
    Félix Antonio Cortés-Aldana, Mónica García-Melón, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio, Pablo Aragonés-Beltrán
  4.   Science And Technology Policies: A Tale Of Political Use, Misuse And Abuse Of Traditional R&D Indicators
    Elena Castro-Martínez; Fernando Jiménez Sáez; Francisco Javier Ortega Colomer
  5.   What Do Patent Examiner Inserted Citations Indicate For A Region With Low Absorptive Capacity
    Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio, François Perruchas, Pauline Mattsson
  6.   External knowledge sourcing strategies and in-house R&D activities: their effects on firms' innovative performance
    Jaider Vega-Jurado, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  7.   Collaborate but protect: the challenges of protecting your data
    Puay Tang, Jordi Molas-Gallart, Robert Shields
  8.   University-Industry Relations And Academic Research: Coexistence Or Something Else
    Liney Manjarrés-Henríquez, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia, Jaider Vega-Jurado
  9.   "Interface Structures": Knowledge Transfer Practice In Changing Environments
    Jordi Molas-Gallart, Elena Castro-Martínez, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio
  10.   El impacto económico de la investigación universitaria. El caso del Sistema Universitario Valenciano
    Liney Manjarrés Henríquez, Antonio Gutiérrez Gracia, Ignacio Fernández de Lucio, Jaider Vega Jurado
  11.   An analytical model of absorptive capacity
    Jaider Vega-Jurado, Antonio Gutiérrez-Gracia, Ignacio Fernández de Lucio
  12.   Selecting technological paradigms beyond push-pull dynamics. The artificial disc case
    David Barberá-Tomás, Ernesto De los Reyes-López