Capturando la investigación invisible: Hacia indicadores más inclusivos de Ciencia y Tecnología

5 Encontro Brasileiro de Bibliometria e Cientometria
Pressing demands of research management and evaluation

• Increasing size of research endeavour
1.5 M papers per year only in Web of Science
Globalisation. Many mid-income countries have multiplied their publication output (China)
Within a country: about 3,000 postgraduate programmes are evaluated in about 50 panels in Brasil

• Increasing competition for funding–globally and locally
Success rates of research calls are very low in the US, EU (5%-10%)

• Increasing societal demands
Interactions with industry and social actors (NGOs)
Grand challenges (climate change, epidemics, water & food security)
Ismael Ràfols, Jordi Molas-Gallart, Richard Woolley, Diego Chavarro