Cigdem Kadaifci-Yanmaz

Istanbul Technical University

Cigdem Kadaifci (Ph.D.) is currently working at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Kadaifci got her Ph.D. from Istanbul Technical University. Her research areas are multi-criteria decision making, decision making under uncertainty, scenario analysis, and statistics. Also, she is about to complete her second Master’s degree in Statistics at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

During her postdoctoral research at INGENIO, she will improve MACTOR method, which is proposed by Michel Godet for stakeholder analysis “to examine the actors’ plans, motivations, the means of actions, their position with regard to the objectives of the system, and the relationship between them”, considering the interaction among the actors. Also, she is planning to apply this improved MACTOR method to understand the dynamics of the organ donation system in Spain to offer a new perspective for the organ donation policies in Turkey in order to decrease the gap between organ donation and the need for organ transplantation.