Early Career Position at INGENIO from May 2013


One early career position is available at Ingenio (CSIC-UPV) from May 2013 (flexible) for 12 months (with possible 6-12 month extension) for an EU-funded project on “Mapping and assessment of research portfolios in biomedicine”, with a salary of ~€32,000 per annum.

The project aims to develop an analytical framework for the mapping and assessment of research portfolios. The notion of “research portfolio” (the distribution of research project across issues or topics) is increasingly used by funding agencies. 

However, there is no clear understanding on how to define, map and assess a research portfolio. Here we aim to develop a multi-method approach to investigate a research portfolio of a given disease. We build on evolutionary perspectives on science dynamics, using concepts and methods from Science Technology Studies, Information Sciences and Evolutionary Economics.  

The work will involve diverse approaches, including:

·         Quantitative mapping of research portfolio using publications and other data sources

·         Analysis of policies by funding agencies

·         Interviews of stakeholders on their views of current distribution of research efforts 

Competences may include, with a broad range of flexibility:

·         Background in science, technology and innovation studies or management,  or related

·         Background in health or medical informatics, bioinformatics, or related computer science or complexity science skills

·         Familiarity with quantitative data manipulation and visualisation

·         Interest in mixing / articulating quantitative and qualitative analyses 

The project will be part of an interdisciplinary and international Research Group on biomedical science and innovation policy, which includes economists, sociologists and information scientists working on STS and innovation studies. Part of the research is expected to involve collaborations with centres in the UK (SPRU), the Netherlands (U. Amsterdam), France (IFRIS) and the US (Georgia Tech, Columbia), with which we have ongoing projects.  

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the project coordinator Ismael Rafols (i.rafols@ingenio.upv.es, Ingenio researcher & SPRU visiting fellow) by February 28th, including:

·         Extended CV

·         One or two articles or conference papers

·         Name and contact of three referres for potential recommendation letters. 

 A decision made will be made by the end of May. Please feel to contact us for further details on the post before submission. 

 Ingenio is a joint research centre affiliated to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and to the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Ingenio is an active member of the leading European network of research institute in the field of science and innovation policy and management (Eu-SPRI). It was created in 1999 and has grown over the last years to a staff of about 26 full time researchers including post-doctoral fellows, university lecturers and tenured CSIC researchers. It has about 10 support staff and 7 PhD students (see PhD day). In recent years, Ingenio has attracted various international researchers, either in terms of nationality and/or with long international education and tenure. English is the working language (Spanish is not required).  Ingenio was found to be the best performing CSIC institute in the Social Sciences in the last CSIC evaluation (2011). 

 Ingenio has a focus on implementation and evaluation of science and innovation policies, economics of technical change, geographical dynamics of innovative activity, knowledge management, and technology transfer –with some concentration on studies of biomedical research. 

 The UPV is one of three top polytechnic universities in Spain, with about 2,800 research or teaching staff and about 35,000 students. As a technical university, it has a strong focus on applied, socially relevant research, which fits well with Ingenio’s policy-oriented mission. UPV’s location in Valencia (800,000 inhabitants, by the sea, bicycle-friendly and with access to low cost travel) makes it a highly desired destination for many European students.