The effectiveness of knowledge transfer mechanisms in the spanish universities: The case of academic spin off. Fashion or need?

2018 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CONFERENCE Time and Knowledge: Dynamics perspectives of Technology Transfer
Entrepreneurship at universities involves a number of different means to carry out knowledge transfer towards industry and society. This means require the design and implementation of adequate technology transfer policies and incentives systems. If these policies are to be successful, its design has to take into account local contextual factors. We focus on technology transfer and academic spin-off in the context of Spanish universities. While Spanish university system is rather successful in scientific production, technology transfer to industry manifests room for improvement. For this reason, the Spanish case deserves an in-depth analysis. To this end, we will focus on the following issues:
1. To what extent are public policies and incentives for teaching and research staff favouring the transfer of knowledge from Spanish universities to society?
2. How have the mechanisms of knowledge transfer evolved over the last decade in Spanish universities?
3. As for the creation of spin-off as a transfer mechanism in universities and its evolution over the last decade, is the creation of academic spin-offs being used adequately as a transfer mechanism? And finally, has the creation of spin-offs been consolidated as a mechanism for knowledge transfer?
Valencia (Spain)
Jiménez-Sáez, Fernando, Arroyo-Vázquez, Mónica