Evolving capabilities and innovative intentionality: some reflections on the role of intention within innovation processes

Innovation: Management Policy & Practice

It is by considering the essential dynamic dimension of intentions and action goals that we may argue that individual and organisational dynamic capabilities become evolving. Capabilities are renewed and reshaped by the appearance of new action goals.

A feed-back process between capabilities and goals opens up new possibilities of action. This may happen when agents (organisations and individuals) act towards their goals, transforming capabilities and renewing the spaces where actions are conceived and deployed. Moreover, agents? goals vary not only in the sense that they are different but also because they are characterised by different transforming intensities. The concept of innovative intentionality synthesizes this idea. It is defined as the will to conceive or imagine realities which differ from the perceived realities, with the purpose of making them effective. This concept appears to be useful for addressing the divergence of innovative dynamics among organisations and societies.