Julia Planko

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Julia Planko works as researcher and lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

As lecturer in the ‘International Business Management Studies’ program, she teaches the following subjects: Business Ethics, Sustainable Innovative Marketing, Economics and Marketing. Furthermore, she is the HU responsible for the innovative collaborative minor ‘Circular Economy’. This minor had been designed based on advice from the Ellen McArthur foundation. Students of this minor consult companies how to make the transition towards the Circular Economy business models, after acquiring theoretical knowledge on the Circular Economy concept.

As researcher, Julia is part of the HU research group ‘Cooperative Entrepreneurship’. Her research is focused on strategic collaboration of companies which implement sustainability innovations. The implementation of innovative sustainability technologies often requires far reaching changes of the macro environment in which the innovating firms operate. Firms who want to commercialize an innovative technology can collaborate in networks or industry clusters to build up a favorable environment for their technology. This increases the chances of successful diffusion and adoption of the technology in society. Julia researches on how firms can collaborate to strategically build up this supportive external environment.

She conducts this research as PhD Candidate at Utrecht University, where she is part of the Innovation Studies group at the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development.  She is supervised by Prof. Marko Hekkert and Prof. Jacqueline Cramer, director of the Utrecht Sustainability Institute.

Furthermore, Julia is passionate about the integration of Sustainable Development and Circular Economy principles into Business Management education. She believes that businesses can and should be the drivers of sustainable development. Therefore, the education of business students as future business leaders plays a crucial role for sustainable development. To inspire students beyond the classroom to strive for sustainable development, she initiated the ‘HU Sustainability Club’, an association for students interested in sustainability.


Two years ago I came to Valencia for the first time for the EU-SPRI PhD days. It was an amazing conference and I immediately liked the atmosphere at INGENIO and the city of Valencia. When I heard about the opportunity to work at INGENIO for three months as a guest researcher via the EU-SPRI Circulation Award, I knew that I had to apply. Last autumn I spend a wonderful time at INGENIO. I enjoyed being part of this friendly and highly skilled research group. My PhD research advanced a lot, thanks to excellent supervision by my host supervisor Dr. Davide Consoli and feedback I received when I presented my topic to the group. Moreover, I really enjoyed the informal chats with the many nice people at INGENIO. And of course the beautiful city of Valenica! I was very sad when I had to leave and consoled myself with the idea that I would come back. Fortunately I had the chance to come back to INGENIO again this spring. I participated again in the EU-SPRI PhD days, which were again brilliantly organized, fun, and a great learning experience. I stayed for five weeks at INGENIO, to continue working on my research in this supportive environment. Again, I had a very good time at INGENIO, professionally and personally. Thank you all, INGENIO team!


Julia Planko
PhD Candidate
Utrecht University