INGENIO's researcher, Nicolás Robinson, will participate at the European Summer School for Scientometrics (ESSS) | Vienna, 23-28 July 2018


Nicolás Robinson will participate at the European Summer School for Scientometrics:

"Disentangling Gold Open Access: Disciplinary and Country Effect"                                                   

In this seminar we will discuss current publication trends in gold Open Access (OA). The purpose is to develop a full understanding on country patterns, OA journals characteristics and citation differences between gold OA and non-gold OA publications. For this, we will first review current literature regarding Open Access and its relation with its so-called citation advantage. Starting with a chronological perspective we will describe its development, how different countries are promoting OA publishing, and its effects on the journal publishing industry. We will deepen the analysis by investigating the research output produced by different units. First, we will focus on the production of countries with a special emphasis on citation and disciplinary differences. Gold OA publishing is being encouraged in many countries as opposed to Green OA. We will discuss how this affects researchers’ publication patterns and whether it ensures an alleged citation advantage as opposed to non-gold OA publications.

"Practical Applications of Altmetrics"

This talk addresses practical issues, limitations and problems we might encounter when retrieving and processing altmetric data. We will explore what it is what the indicators provided by the main altmetric providers offer and how these can be used in a meaningful way to make informative and sensible analyses which offer could offer an added value to our institutions. The first part of the talk will focus on the discussion of the peculiarities and technicalities related to how altmetric data is provided to the user. The second part will provide examples and show empirical approaches that can be applied to inform on the social media attention of researchers’ activity.

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