Pablo F. Méndez publishes an article about systemic risks in the Anthropocene and lessons learned from COVID-19


Pablo F. Méndez, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)'s researcher,  has published an article in Earth System Governance Journal about systemic risks in the Anthropocene and lessons learned from COVID-19. The article is entitled: "Blue uncertainty: Warding off systemic risks in the Anthropocene—Lessons from COVID-19".

In the article, Méndez talk about radical uncertainty, complexity-based approaches, transdisciplinary teams, and a "mental leap" to tackle COVID-19's Post-Normal wicked swan and global environmental systemic risks in the Anthropocene.

The journal Earth System Governance addresses governance processes and institutions at all levels of decision-making - from local to global - within a planetary perspective that seeks to align our current institutions and governance systems with the fundamental 21st century challenges of global environmental change and earth-system transformation. The journal intends to be interdisciplinary with a firm grounding in the social sciences and humanities, and covers research on all regions and sectors.

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About Pablo F. Méndez

Pablo F. Méndez is an environmental scientist focusing on the study of patterns, interactions and feedbacks between human societies and nature. His aim is to contribute to our current understanding of the evolution of the conditions necessary for human cooperation to attain more equitable and sustainable opportunities and outcomes in social-ecological systems (SES). The latter constitutes an object of study of the Earth System that addresses specific relationships and problems among socioeconomic, institutional, natural resources and ecological components.

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