Forward Visions on the European Research Area (VERA)

2012 to 2015

The VERA project aims to provide relevant strategic intelligence for the future governance and priority-setting of the research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) system in Europe and for better adapting science, technology and innovation policy to the shifting global environment and upcoming socio-economic challenges. For this purpose VERA carries out an in-depth stocktaking of RTDI related forward looking activities in Europe and internationally and a thorough review oftrends and drivers of long-term change of European RTDI governance. On the base of these insights VERA develops scenarios on the evolution of the European Research Area, assesses the critical issues for the ERAs future capabilities emergingfrom these scenarios, explores subsequent strategic options and ultimately generates a set of policy recommendations for responsive and future oriented multi-level, multi-domain RTDI policy strategies. VERA is conceptualised as a continuously progressing two-way communication process among ERA actor groups from society, industry, academia and policy across domains, levels and regions. It is settingup a strategic conversation between these stakeholders that evolves through several carefully tailored stages in order to jointly discover shared visions and strategic options around the ERAs futureperspectives towards 2020 and far beyond. VERA is exploring gradual evolution following from current patterns of change, but is also explicitly embracing transformative and disruptive developments with along-term horizon.The VERA project is being proposed by a consortium of ten internationally renowned institutes from 9 EU countries involving a team of more than 20 researchers with outstanding expertise both in terms of relevant knowledge and forward looking methodology and excellent contacts with RTDI stakeholders in Europe and the world.

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