Supporting women-led innovation in farming territories

2023 to 2026

Women play a central role in agriculture and food systems. Unfortunately, they remain traditionally discriminated in economic, social or educational levels, while rarely holding decision-making positions. The exclusion of women working on family farms from social security schemes and the low levels of female farm ownership are indicative of the persistent structural inequalities in rural areas. The multiple barriers to gender equality in European agriculture are socio-cultural, economic and political, including agricultural policies based on food as a commodity that exclude the reproductive dimensions of farming needed to achieve sustainability. The EU-funded SWIFT project reverse this trend by supporting  21 women-led innovations in agriculture across 12 countries distributed across Europe, and 4 WLI in Brazil and USA. SWIFT also contributes to gender mainstreaming and changes in how food is framed in agricultural policies, providing theoretical and practical tools, such as gender-responsive budgeting in policies and feminist farms viability indicators to enable a change towards more just, effective and diversified farming.

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