Adapting RRI public engagement indicators to the Spanish scientific and innovation context: a participatory methodology based on AHP and content analysis

Mónica García-Melón,Tomás Gómez-Navarro, Hannia Gonzalez-Urango y Carmen Corona-Sobrino
Central European Journal of Operations Research

The paradigm proposed by Responsible Research and Innovation in the European Commission policy discourse identifies Public Engagement as a key area for exchange and dialogue among multiple actors following an inclusive and participatory process. Two definite set of indicators have already arisen at European level to monitor Public Engagement activities in the Science and Innovation realm. Our study aims to propose a deliberative participatory process, which involves selected stakeholders, for the adaptation of the European indicators to the specific Spanish scientific and innovation context. The methodological procedure is of exploratory nature and will be based in a combination of, on the one hand, qualitative content analysis techniques for the in-depth study of the deliberative process and the generation of indicators; and, on the other hand, a multi-criteria decision analysis technique such as the Analytic Hierarchy Process for the prioritization of the indicators. The discussion will focus on the procedure to articulate stakeholders’ values and use them as the basis for creating a context-based improved list of indicators. Two types of research questions arise: (i) Is the proposed methodology adequate for the adaptation of the European indicators to the Spanish context? (ii) What are the main indicators to monitor and to expand reflection on the public engagement in the Spanish science and innovation?