Characterization of Legal Psychology through psychology journals included in Criminology & Penology and Law categories of Web of Science

Francisco González-Sala, Julia Osca-Lluch, Francisco Tortosa Gil, María Peñaranda
Anales de Psicología

The objective of this work is to learn about the most relevant aspects that characterize contemporary Legal Psychology throughout the study of journals included in the WoS between the years 2009 and 2014 related with the area of Psychology. The number of selected publications is 16, mainly from the USA and Great Britain. The results show an increase in the number of works and authors, a greater collaboration and a growth in medium productors. It exists a major presence of men in editorial boards and as authors, outstanding the figures of T. Ward in 2009 and A. Vrij in 2014. According to the analysis of key words the most relevant themes during these years have been Crime, Conduct, Woman and Meta-analysis, being sexual violence towards children and women and gender vi-olence the criminal typology most studied.