Experimenting with Open Innovation in Science (OIS) practices: A novel approach to co-developing research proposals

Beck, S., Bercovitz, J., Bergenholtz, C., Brasseur, T.-M., D’Este, P., Dorn, A., Doser, M., Dosi, C., Effert, A., Furtuna, R., Goodyear, M., Grimpe, C., Haeussler, C., Hans, F., Heinisch, B., Katona, N., Kleinberger-Pierer, H., Kokshagina, O., et al.
CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation,

Co-producing scientific research with those who are affected by it is an emerging phenomenon in contemporary science. This article summarizes and reflects on both the process and outcome of a novel experiment to co-develop scientific research proposals in the field of Open Innovation in Science (OIS), wherein scholars engaged in the study of open and collaborative practices collaborated with the “users” of their research, i.e., scientists who apply such practices in their own research. The resulting co-developed research proposals focus on scientific collaboration, open data, and knowledge sharing and are available as an appendix to this article.