Immigrant Associations and Co-development Policies. Among the Opportunities for Strengthening and the Risks of Cooptation in the Case of Valencia Region (Spain)

Lacomba, Joan; Boni, Alejandra; Cloquell, Alexis; Soledad, Carlos
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations

The implementation of policies that have sought to involve immigrant associations in the development of their countries of origin, under the name of codevelopment, was a novelty in Spain during the last decade. This new model of development cooperation carried out by the migrants themselves has not only generated new opportunities for its associations, but also significant risks, especially in the field of decentralized cooperation driven by autonomous communities. In this article, we present the specific case of the Valencian Community, where the codevelopment reached a considerable degree of implementation between 2006 and 2012. Through the analysis of Valencian co-development policies, it is possible to see how immigrant associations have actually occupied a secondary place in the new cooperation schemes against the NGO Development, while many have abandoned their protest to focus on projects and proposals for welfare activities.