Resistance to traditional agroecological knowledge erosion in industrialized contexts: A study in La Plana de Vic (Catalonia)

Benyei, P., Calvet-Mir, L., Reyes-García, V., Rivera-Ferre, M.G.
Agroecology and Food Systems

This work explores the actors and reasons behind Traditional Agroecological Knowledge (TAeK) conservation initiatives in industrialized contexts. Results come from interviews to key informants and social network analyses of TAeK conservation projects conducted in central Catalonia. Actors used contrasting discourses to refer to TAeK conservation, but with a strong potential to generate alliances between different types of projects. The existing parallelisms between resistances to TAeK erosion and resistances to industrialized agri-food systems could become the seed for common collective action to counterweight the loss of TAeK.