Tayfun Buke

Mugla University

Tayfun Buke holds a PhD from the  Institute for Nuclear Energy at Ithe stanbul Technical University. Since 2011 he is a Professor at Mugla  University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics. Among the subjects he has tought we should emaphazise the folllowing: Computational Physics, Applied Thermodynamics, Nuclear Energy, Applied Mathematics, Applied Heat Transfer, Radiological Risk Assessment, Radiation Shielding, Design and Optimization of Energy Systems, Advanced Computational Physics, and Decision Making Models with Computer Aid. He has supervised 7 doctoral thesis. He has participated in many scietific meetings and conferences at national and international level, and has been the organizer of several congress. 


  • Environmental Radioactivity and Assessments of Health Effects,
  • Radiation Measurements and Analysis in Environmental Samples,
  • Environmental Engineering Modelling,
  • Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Technology,
  • Comparison of the Energy Sources,
  • Energy Planning,
  • Energy Scenarios,
  • Environmental valuation and environmental cost–benefit analysis of the energy systems


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  • Progress in Nuclear Energy  (October-2008)
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  • International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making (June-2010)
  • Energy Conversion and Management (Special Issue) (November-2011)
  • Energy Conversion and Management (January-2012)
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30 times


X. National Nuclear Sciences and Technology Congress, Mugla University, Mugla, Turkey, 6-9 October 2009