Ana Carolina Aguilera Negrete

Escuela Naval de Brasil

Ana Carolina Aguilera Negrete es Profesora de Economía de la Escuela Naval de Brasil y realiza una estancia de investigación de 3 meses en INGENIO bajo la direccion del Prof. Jordi Molas Gallart sobre el tema "The defence technology procurement system and new modes of knowledge accumulation".

I arrived at INGENIO for the first time for a Ph.D stay from September 2013 to January 2014 under the supervision of Jordi Molas-Gallart for my thesis entitled “Naval Defense Industry and Technological Innovation: a study of the system of military naval innovation in Brazil”. In this institute I was able to coexist with experienced and always willing to collaborate researchers, attend seminars and thesis defenses of the most varied topics related to innovation. I emphasize that all of INGENIO's staff, from management to technical and administrative support, always offered me all the necessary infrastructure and support, so that my concern was totally focused on studies. The experience was so valid that I returned to the conclusion of my doctoral thesis in 2015, and recently, in the period from March to August 2016 for a postdoctoral stay, again under the supervision of Jordi Molas-Gallart, whose result was the elaboration of a discussion paper entitled "Naval defense industry and technological innovation: a study of the Spanish lessons in terms of industrial defense policy - contributions to Brazil". Besides the wonderful professional experience, I was also able to enjoy the city of Valencia, which is beautiful, with a pleasant climate and excellent infrastructure. Thank you very much INGENIO for the opportunity!