Carolin Plewa

The University of Adelaide Business School

Dr Carolin Plewa is the Deputy Head of School (Marketing and Management), Deputy Director of the ECIC, Associate Head Research (Marketing and Management), Associate Professor in Marketing and a research member of the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing.

She specialises in the interaction and value co-creation across a myriad of organisations and individuals, with a particular emphasis on university-business collaboration, as well as service and social contexts. Her research in the context of university-business engagement, in particular, has led to her appointment to the South Australian Science Council in 2015.

Carolin received an inaugural Barbara Kidman Women’s Fellowship from the University of Adelaide in 2013, following the award of Australian Research Council Linkage Grants in 2009 (partners Meals on Wheels SA and the Norwood Football Club) and 2011 (partner Financial Services Council).

She has published her research in international marketing, management and education journals, such as Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Marketing Theory, R&D Management, the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Education and Training and others.

With extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Carolin’s research interests include Marketing Management, Relationship Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Services Marketing and Innovation. She was awarded the Scott Henderson Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in 2007.

Complementing her research and teaching interests, Carolin holds valuable industry experience, for example as Manager for Marketing and Strategy at Flinders Partners Pty Ltd and Education Manager at Definitive Events Pty Ltd.

My research focuses on interaction and value co-creation across a myriad of organisations and individuals, with particular interest in the following areas:

·         university-business collaboration

·         services marketing

·         customer engagement

·         corporate social responsibility

·         sponsorship