What Do Patent Examiner Inserted Citations Indicate For A Region With Low Absorptive Capacity

Scientometrics, Agust 2009, Vol 80 Number 2, pages 441-455
Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Ignacio Fernández-de-Lucio, François Perruchas, Pauline Mattsson
Most studies of patents citations focus on national or international contexts, especially contexts of high absorptive capacity, and employ examiner citations. We argue that results can vary if we take the region as the context of analysis, especially if it is a region with low absorptive capacity, and if we study applicant citations and examiner-inserted citations separately. Using a sample from the Valencian Community (Spain), we conclude that (i) the use of examiner-inserted citations as a proxy for applicant citations, (ii) the interpretation of non-patent references as indicators of science-industry links, and (iii) the traditional results for geographical localization are not generalizable to all regions with low absorptive capacity.