Innovator Catalyst: "Green skills for boosting transitions in water management" / 22 - 29 November 2014, Valencia


Working on the challenges we face and how to overcome them, Climate-KIC offers a coached 8 day programme for experienced environment and water management professionals, held in Valencia, Spain, from 22 to 29 November 2014.

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Climate‑KIC promotes transformative innovation to address the challenge of climate change. Fundamental to this mission are people with the ability to enable organisations, both private and public, to lead a transformation of our sociotechnical systems.

This particular programme forms part of the Innovator Catalyst series and is aimed at experienced professionals with the enthusiasm and potential for influencing organisational change and system innovation. It offers the key competencies and capabilities to be an innovator in the broad sense of this term. It is designed to be international, time effective and stimulating. Several topics from regulation, financial arrangements to technological solutions and behavioral change will be addressed.

Moreover, participants will get the chance to work on their own case studies, to develop the necessary skills and enable practitioners to make transitions happen themselves.


Why should you apply?

This is an unique opportunity to learn from a recognized team of international and regional experts new skills and strategies to address and manage innovation projects and business models on sustainability issues, coupled with a systemic approach relying on transition theory and socio-technical innovation.

Systems approach

This intensive 8 day programme will take a systems approach to:

  • Address challenges from multiple perspectives through coached individual and group learning working on concrete plans and initiatives
  • Focus on interaction between different stakeholders in order to foster new ideas
  • Develop a practical skill set concerning problem solving, the acquisition of resources as well as negotiation skills
  • Understand and overcome barriers for boosting transitions in water management and environmental issues.
  • Get an international perspective on sustainable transitions with participants and speakers from across Europe
  • Engage with multidisciplinary practitioners to build an international network and exchange experiences and best practices

Aims and objectives

Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of the application of transition theories using real-life examples from the water sector as well as their own case studies.

The workshop seeks to focus on the regime shifts occurring during the process of change regarding technological, organizational and social actions in order to equip the participants with a specific set of skills and qualifications.

This intensive eight day programme will be complemented with extended interaction through an e-learning platform containing readings, multimedia resources and a networking platform to foster interaction even once the sessions are over.