Additionality effects of a Science-Technology policy: its contribution to the articulation

5th Triple Helix Conference. 18-21 Mayo 2005
This article discusses the results of an evaluation of the Spanish Food Technology Programme (1988-2000). In particular it raises the additionality analysis of an R&D policy according to the increase in the agents? activity and in the number of relationships among them. Therefore, the goal of the article is to study whether a policy promoting R&D activities in the area of Food Technology (the Spanish Food Technology Programme (SFTP) which is part of the National R&D Plan) has contributed to improve the articulation of the Spanish Food Innovation System. We analyse the participation of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC) in the Programme and highlight the role of ?Interface Structures? to facilitate the cooperation between research groups and food industry firms. We conclude that, in addition to the relationship tools that Spanish Food Technology Programme established, it is also necessary to develop Interface Structures. As a consequence the desired articulation of the Spanish Food Innovation System is still far from being achieved. Therefore the additionality effect of this policy is scarce in terms of input-output analysis and even null in terms of behavioural additionality.
Turin, Italia