Characterization of the “Education & Educational Research” Journals included in the JCR

END 2018. Education and New Developments
The evaluation of the quality of scientific journals is a topical issue. The implementation of an evaluation policy based on international indicators has contributed to improving the quality and visibility of journals from different countries, measured through their indexing in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) databases. Currently, in some countries, such as Spain, the main criterion used to evaluate the performance of individuals, institutions or research groups is the number of publications made, especially in high impact journals in the JCR. However, the adoption of international evaluation criteria based on the JCR has been the subject of numerous criticisms by researchers, who are forced to send their research papers to foreign journals to the detriment of the journals of their own country, since in order to obtain a positive evaluation it is fundamental to publish in high demand journals, mainly published in English. In this competitive environment, where the pressure to publish in quality journals is a reality, it is useful to know the profile of the journals of your specialty in order to be able to select the one that is most appropriate for the dissemination of your own work.
Budapest (Hungría)
Julia Haba-Osca, Francisco González-Sala, Julia Osca-Lluch