Explaining researchers’ willingness for non-academics to influence their research agendas

07/04/2014 to 08/04/2014
Eu-Spri ECC: Interdisciplinarity in the Study of the Dynamics of Science, Technology and Innovations - 2014 INGENIO PhD Days
In this paper, we propose a new concept – ‘openness’ to describe academics’ willingness to have these internal research co-ordinating mechanisms – questions and agendas – be shaped with involvement of third parties. We then develop a typology of the dimensions which may contribute to an openness propensity. On the basis of an existing Spanish survey (IMPACTO) we operationalise this charactersitic and undertake a multivariate analysis to identify which factors are the most salient in determining the academics’ propensity to set research questions in ways that involve their users. We note that in contrast to the existing literature, two elements, namely academic identity and past experience, appear to be salient in terms of determining a willingness to allow external actors to co-determine research agenda.
Valencia (España)
Olmos-Peñuela, J.; Benneworth, P.; Castro-Martínez, E.