Jochen Gläser & Grit Laudel

Center for Technology and Society, HBS1; CHEPS, University of Twente

Jochen GLÄSER is a senior researcher at the Center for Technology and Society, TU Berlin. His major research interests include the sociology of science, organizational sociology and sociological research methods. His current projects address bibliometric methods for measuring the diversity of research, the impact of authority relations on scientific innovation, and responses by German universities to research evaluation.

Grit LAUDEL is a senior research fellow at the University of Twente, Center for Higher Education Policy Research (CHEPS), the Netherlands. She is a sociologist of science who investigates the influence of institutions on knowledge production. Currently she is studying scientific careers and conditions for scientific innovations in cross-national comparisons. Since her PhD (obtained at the University of Bielefeld) Grit has always been developing methodology and methods for science studies and for social research in general.